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Did You Know Gambling Created The Sandwich

Millions of parents over the years who have been tasked with making their kids lunches in a mad dash to get the kids out the door for school while not being late for work themselvs have gambling to thank for the timesaver! That's right. Grabbing two pieces of white bread, squirting some mustard on two sides, and slapping a piece of balogna and cheese in between have become an elementary student's delicacy in the lunch room. In addition, it is understood that the sandwich has even become somewhat of a comedity having been known to be part of a trade for those in search for an additional twinkie or extra bag of Doritos. These events that have plagued our childhood memories would have never happened if it were not for one notorious gambler.

John Montagu was born in a small town in the Dover District of Kent, south-east England which lies on the River Stour. His father was Edward Montagu and his mother was Viscount Hinchingbrooke who both maintained royal bloodlines. When John was four years old, his father died leaving him as his heir to his entire fortune, and in 1729, John would succeed his grandfather as the Earl of Sandwich.

The young lad was educated at Eton and at Trinity College in Cambridge and spent time traveling over the next decade before taking his seat in the House of Lords in 1739. The 4th Earl of Sandwich would hold many military and political offices including Postmaster General, First Lord of the Admiralty and Secretary of State for the Northern Department. However, it is with great debate that John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich greatest claim to fame was that he was the inventor of the sandwich!

Sandwich retired in 1782, but despite holding a number of important posts during his career; his incompetence and corruption were legendary. It's not known who can claim the saying, but Lord Sandwich inspired the saying, "Seldom has any man held so many offices and accomplished so little." Again, many parents in need of a quick meal would certainly disagree as the modern sandwich we have all taken a bite of was named after this fancy ol' fellow! A rumor in a contemporaneous travel book by Pierre-Jean Grosley, Tour to London, formed the popular myth that bread and meat sustained Lord Sandwich at the gambling table. Montagu was a keen gambler, who didn’t want to leave the table to eat a meal. As such, he would ask his servants to bring him slices of meat between bread so he could eat while he continued to play.

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