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Gambling in Online Casinos is Safer than Onsite

Of course the headline is misleading (to a point), but how else are we going to grab your attention. Maybe a better option is to put a picture of a lady of the night or a guy passing out flyers to one of the many strip clubs that are open 24 hours. In all sincerity, making the trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City can be a lot of fun, but for those of you who only care about the gambling might want to think about the added expense when it comes to traveling to one of these destinations. Safe Online Gaming has researched and provided you helpful information.

Both Atlantic City and Las Vegas are famous around the world for their casinos, nightlife, shopping, dinning and entertainment. Even the history of their existence is quite fascinating. They are cities that are over the top in every way and where almost anything you can imagine exists. These two cities of sin can be fatal attractions if you are not careful. Okay, it's not that bad. In fact, gamblers should visit these gambling mecca's at least once in their life.

However, for the purist gamblers who are serious about their game of chance, and do not want to waste time or money on frivolous costs that do not help them win real money while playing at the casinos; playing in an online casino might be right for you.

First, the average cost of a 3-star hotel in Las Vegas is $312 a night while Atlantic City is much higher. And that's a 3-star! (Bed Bugs anyone?). The food is excellent when you are willing to shell out the dough, but if you decide to eat at a mid-range restaurant a meal for two will cost around $65 and beer is $5-8 each. Both locations have public transportation which will only run you about $13 a day, and walking the strip is always free.

When it comes to safety, visitors should always beware of thieves. Bag snatching, petty crime, and tourist scams are common, so be sure to take extra caution with your valuables. Stay clear of neighborhood's outside the main attractions as they are known to have higher crime rates. When you are at the bar, don't lose track of your drink and never accept a beverage from someone you don't know.

If you think all of that extra cash traveling will cut into your winnings; there are thousands of online casino sites to play. But, it is important to do your research when choosing an online gaming site. Sites like or and even have all of the thrills of being at a casino in a safe secure environment.  Players can have hours of fun and a chance to win real money.  Each of these casinos have an operator standing by offering gamblers assistance 24 hours 7 days a week. Not to mention, if you are hungry you can order in for food just as good for a quarter of the price... (How's that for helping you win more money!)


For those operators who need a safe online site who need to purchase credits; visit sites like or

In addition to having a great opportunity to win, you don't have to pay for that high priced drink or shell out hundreds of dollars to take a flight. As always, be responsible, and set your limits.

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