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Presidential Debate and Gambling Odds

Updated: Jul 1

Did you know that the Presidential Debate was last night? We'd wager you did. Clips already are flooding our timelines and news stations have analyzed in depth the performance of each candidate and recapped key moments from the heated exchange between former President Donald Trump and sitting President Joe Biden.

However, you may not know that there was a considerable amount of gambling interest leading up to the exchange. A number of different odds relating to the broadcast were thrown out and bet on by people all over the world. The over/under on viewership came in at 80.5 million. Bettors were able to wager on who would be considered the winner with Donald Trump as the favored victor before airing. Check out some of the Presidential Debate and Gambling Odds surrounding it.

Gambling on Trump and Biden
Would you Bet on these Two?

Bettors also placed wagers on the first topic choosing between the economy, foreign policy, healthcare, immigration, climate change, AI, cryptocurrency, and Hunter Biden. The Economy was the topic with the least favorable odds and it was indeed the first topic. The over-under on how many times Trump would use certain phrases such as 'fake news', 'stolen', 'dementia', and 'Sleepy Joe'. No doubt a number of his trademark phrases could also have been parlayed into a good payday.

Bets also came in for which foreign nation would be mentioned first as well as which US States would receive a first mention.

The betting lines continue to be adjusted following the debate as well, new lines have put Biden's chance of reelection at all-time lows and the odds favoring him being replaced as the nominee have increased in kind.

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