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Tips for Safe Online Gambling

It is absolutely crazy when you really start to think about why it is not legal to gamble in every state in the United States. Gambling is as old as times. It has been sensationalized in the movies, and villainized by the press. However, no matter what side of the spectrum you are on; gambling will not go away. And when you mention online gambling; there seems to be no stopping the plethora of opportunities someone has when looking for a casino.

So whether you are looking for lottery tickets, scratch-offs, video poker, online slots or table games; follow these simple steps provided by Safe Online Gaming to assure you have the most enjoyable time playing your favorite game of chance.

First and foremost, if you choose to gamble, do so for fun. If your gambling is no longer fun, ask yourself why you are still participating. Of course, there are many ways at giving yourself the best chance to win; however, the odds are that you will lose from time to time. Expect it. Accept a loss as part of the game. Now, it is important to treat the money you lose as the cost of your entertainment. (Think- going to a concert or professional game. It cost money, but it is entertainment.) Any winnings are a bonus! Always set a dollar limit and stick to it. Decide before you enter an online casino how much you can afford to lose and how much you want to spend. Do not change your mind if you happen to lose money. Be sure to set a time limit and stick to it. Decide how long you want to gamble and leave when you reach your time limit whether you are winning or losing. Make it a personal rule never to gamble on credit. Do not borrow to gamble. (Remember, the mob stories? Loan sharks are not called Loan Kittens for a reason.) Balance gambling with other activities. You may not enjoy visiting your mother-in-law, but gambling should not keep you from spending time with family and friends. Avoid chasing lost money, and always avoid gambling when you are depressed, upset or inn pain. Remember, if you feel like you have a problem gambling there is always help.

There are thousands of sites to play, but it is important to do your research when choosing an online gaming site. Sites like or have all of the thrills of being at a casino in a safe secure environment. For those operators who need a safe online site who need to purchase credits; visit sites like or

In addition to having a great opportunity to win, you don't have to pay for that high priced drink or shell out hundreds of dollars to take a flight. As always, be responsible, and set your limits.


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