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What is a Fish Table Game Compared to a Slot Machine?

Updated: Apr 30

Fish table games are arcade-style games that allow you to win cash prizes. Rather than playing off sole luck, fish gambling games add an element of skill to the table. Players purchase bullets which they then fire at passing fish with a cannon. Cannons can be changed, allowing you to choose one of stronger force, using more bullets. These are necessary for bigger fish that are more difficult to eliminate, the larger the fish the more gold coins it will contain.

Find out more about Fish Table Games in an online casino
Fish Table Games

To shoot you aim in the direction of the fish you desire to hit and click your screen. Following the fish with the correct aim is essential to not wasting bullets. The online fish table game is perfect for new and seasoned sweepstakes fans. Adding an even more engaging option to the traditional real money games.

There are a whole host of reasons to play online fish table games. Unlike online slots where the sole purpose is based on luck, online fish tables require skill within gameplay. Here are the main advantages as to why you should play fish table games online.

Easy to Learn - The nature of fish tables allows players of all levels to play due to the ease of the game. Take aim and shoot fish to win gold coins - it's as easy as that!

Improve with Skill - Gambling fish games requires skill and concentration in a mental and physical sense. Knowing which cannon and fish to shoot depending on the amount of time it takes for the fish to swim across the screen can be practiced with play. Also ensuring you hone your aim can be improved with target practice within the game.

Available on all top brands - There are tons of Fish table game casinos available in the US. As more players have caught on to the enjoyment of these games, game software continues to innovate in producing new fish arcade games. Each is released at the brands we have showcased on this page.

Win Real Money Prizes - The in-game currency has no monetary value in fish game gambling, but you can play with sweeps coins and redeem coins won as real money cash prizes. This fish table sweepstakes model is available across most US states.

If you're interested in playing a Fish table game such as Fire Kirin or Ultra Panda we recommend using the site to purchase your Sweepstakes coins.

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