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The sweepstakes Fire Kirin online app is available on iOS and Android devices and is designed to be played on the move and at home.  The games are named after the legendary Kirin creature, a beast of goodness and purity. In Asian culture, they often appear in carvings or paintings in shrines and temples. Naturally, you will be pleased to know that they are harbingers of good luck! They also suggest the arrival of someone with wisdom so let’s hope that is you when it comes to playing the games! There are over 20 casino games available through the Fire Kirin online platform and these are unique to the app. With such a variety of games, players will want to decide which of the Fire Kirin games appeal to them.  Some games provide quick results but others require strategy and so you will want to try them out before settling on some of your favorites by a process of elimination.

Fish games are available through Fire Kirin, but there are lots of other options as well.  Listed below are some examples of games you may play through this provider.

~ China Town ~  Magical Ship ~ Dragon v Phoenix ~ Fish Chopper

~ Wild Safari ~ Baby Octopus ~ Ocean Monster ~ Happy Penguin

~ Meteor Shower ~ Silent Black Pearl ~ Lucky 777 ~ Money Tree

~ Eagle Eyes ~ Golden Toad ~ Arc of Templar ~ Buffalo 777

 ~ Deep Sea Volcano

Fire Kirin.png

Fans of fish games will be drawn to this app since once you download it, you will be able to access some fantastic games and enjoy the thrill of playing anytime and anywhere. The app is slick and ensures your games are truly mobile which most players are looking for today. This innovative app allows you to put up the sign “gone fishing” any time that it suits you and you can take time to practice your skills wherever you are before getting into competition mode in your favorite games. The fish games are action-packed as players get to land fish in fast-paced gameplay. This not only involves a certain level of skill but the player needs to concentrate as the slippery fish move around pretty quickly.  Fortunately, you are armed with weapons and characters to help you out. The app also offers competitive gameplay which is a great addition to the fish game genre. There are cash prizes and a ranking board too, adding to the excitement.

Players need to hone their skills in the games provided by Fire Kirin and practice makes perfect. Take time to play the games before you get too excited about and involved with the contest and competition game rooms.

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