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River Sweeps

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You can expect to find plenty of River Sweeps slot games from some of the industry’s biggest designers. One of the interesting aspects of their slot games is that you can play them at a number of venues since this is a grouping of casinos which share the same platform.  The added bonus is that these are truly mobile games available on handsets and the smallest tablets, and what’s more the games are designed to suit them.  Some of the River Sweeps slot games are made by the heavy hitters in the gaming industry including IGT, Microgaming and NetEnt in addition to many others. This not only provides players with a great selection of games but also means you are playing slots which have a great track record.  The games are also available on both Android and iOS platforms which make them easily accessible.  What games can you expect to find?There are plenty of games on offer although the fishing games are often the most popular. But if you are looking for other game genres, you will find the following and many more on offer:


~ Frosty Fruit ~ 

~ African King ~

~ Clover Stones ~

~ Dragon Seven ~

~ Jungle 2 ~

~ Shining Princes ~ 

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