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When looking for online casinos and gaming credit sites it is important to find sites you can trust.  The following sites have met important criteria of safety, security and entertaining gambling sites allowing you to play from the comfort of anywhere (of course you must be sure to adhere to State & Local Statutes).  As always, if you or someone you know might have a gambling problem, be sure to seek out help as we only encourage safe play at all times. 

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Caliente Casino

Featuring the Highest Rated Online Sweepstakes Games.  It's never been easier to enjoy and play online casino-style games and slots!  This online casino is super simple so you can focus more on your favorite online games and have a lot of fun!  There are plenty of online casino style games with fresh new slots continuously being added.

Visit & start playing now!

Fiesta Jackpot

A Safe fun exciting casino site with 12 downloadable highest rated online sweepstakes games.  The site is 100% safe and secure with 24-Hour Support available when you need it.

Visit to Play Today!

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Sugar Shack Online Casino Crypto Game.png

Sugar Shack Online Casino and Mobile Games

Sugar Shack online casino offers popular casino games like RiverSweeps, Vblink, Fire Kirin and many more.  You can play whenever you want from the safety and comfort of your home or even play on the go!  This safe and secure casino with guaranteed payouts to all certified winners has 24/7 support and allows players to pay in Crypto.

Source for Gaming Platforms & Credits

Safe Online Gaming has found two sites we trust where operators can purchase credits for the games everyone loves to play!  Operators can visit or

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