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Iowa's Gambling Madness

Updated: Apr 25

A tech company offered to help the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation's sports wagering unit in early 2022 - setting off a chain of events that have led to a now statewide controversy.

The DCI had issues tracking and monitoring gamblers as the industry grew at a rapid pace in Iowa. They did not have the tools to see exactly who was placing wagers, unlike they do at casinos and ractracks. GeoComply, a company that has contracts with popular companies such as FanDuel and DraftKings assisted in tracking users and shared their software with DCI agents.

Iowa's Sports Gambling Controversy Shocks the Sports World!
Iowa's Sports Gambling Scandal

Agents then discovered University of Iowa and Iowa State University athletes had been using wagering accounts that were either registered to their parents or friends to then place bets - some even betting on games they were involved in. This led to 25 arrests.

Coaches, parents, and fans began to wonder why Iowa athletes had apparently been singled out for enforcement. Furthering the controversy, it was discovered that law enforcement had not secured a warrant prior to using GeoComply's software. A warrant some say was not necessary because the defendants had opted in to sharing their data with DraftKings and FanDuel.

However, amid the backlash, GeoComply denied DCI's further access to their software. Prosecution then moved to dismiss the Iowa State University cases.

The bottom line is when you are gambling online - there is a bevy of personal data that can be tracked and used against you. You do not simply need to protect yourself against hackers, but also potentially from being caught up in a legal scandal as well. Ensure you are safe and protected by using a safe and secure service to buy your credits for Sweepstakes Games. We recommend using

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