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Online Gambling is Doggone Fun

There are very few activities in life that you can start at a very young age (we are not promoting gambling under the age of 18, but we all know that kids have been known to make a wager or two. So get off your high-horse and enjoy the read!), and continue even on your deathbed if you so choose. (Again, relax if you are getting worked up over the imagery!) Gambling, particularly, gambling in an online casino delivers excitement, fun and hours of entertainment. With the emergence of online casinos where players can play the slots, favorite table games and sweepstakes, gamblers can enjoy this favorite pastime anywhere they desire!

Dogs playing poker with one dog giving another dog a needed card
A Friend in Need by C.M. Coolidge 1903

In 1903, painter Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, commissioned by Brown & Bigelow created one of the most famous oil paintings that is housed in many homes today. (It is rumored that the Safe Online Gaming author of this article has one hanging up in their game room as a compromise to not adorn the dining room for all to see upon entrance into the house.) The painting is titled, "A Friend in Need" and depicts a bulldog with a stogie clinched tight in his jaws secretly passing with his left hind paw what appears to be an Ace of Clubs to his friend to the left. The friend, a brownish shorthaired pug, looks like they are an Ace away of having Four-of-a-Kind, and while the other five K-9 poker places are looking at their hands, hoping to secure the pot in the middle of the table; the two friendly pooches have conspired to pull a fast one.

As one begins to study the photo closer, they will see that the gambling is a lot of fun between the hairy four-legged friends, and although a competition of luck and skill; gambling somehow brings them all closer together. Viewers can almost hear the hounds playfully teasing each other as they one-up the others tall tale (see what I did there?) exclaiming, "You wanna bet?" as if their audience did not believe what they were saying.

There are many reasons people love to make a wager or two. Gambling is a lot of fun and can be very exciting. Having the opportunity to win real money at a casino can create the kind of euphoria that can only exists in rare opportunities of challenging activities. Yet gambling doesn't require a lot of physical exertion allowing anyone to take park in the fun.

There are thousands of sites to play, but it is important to do your research when choosing an online gaming site. Sites like or and even have all of the thrills of being at a casino in a safe secure environment.  Players can have hours of fun and a chance to win real money.  Each of these casinos have an operator standing by offering gamblers assistance 24 hours 7 days a week. 


For those operators who need a safe online site who need to purchase credits; visit sites like or

In addition to having a great opportunity to win, you don't have to about the rules on bringing pets to the casino. With online gambling casinos, you can sit on the couch with your best pal wagging his tail and play in the comfort of your own home. As always, be responsible, and set your limits.

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